Success Rebelution with Debi Lee, The Success Rebel Strategist. Empowering multi-passionate success from the inside out.
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I’m a Lifestyle Business Design Coach and Strategist for Multi-Passionate Success Rebels, but what I really do is help you confidently take back control of your life; create a new reality for yourself and your family; and reach your income, independence and impact goals.


I would LOVE the opportunity to help YOU reach your dreams!

YOUR Success Rebel Journey

Success is not a destination, like it was for previous generations. It’s a flexible and fluid journey. And when you’re multi-passionate, your success puzzle tends to have more pieces. Your definition of success will also change throughout your life, depending on your interests, circumstances, priorities, and the things… good and bad… that happen to you along the way.


What does success look like to you TODAY, right now?


And how can I help you get there?

Success Rebelution - Coaching - Debi Lee
Success Rebelution - Consulting - Debi Lee

There are 2 main ways you can work with me…

As a lifestyle business design and success coach, I help you create a lifestyle business that celebrates your talents, values, passions, and purpose and is the very essence of what success means to you. 

I’m all about your life + your business, and melding the two into a beautiful, synergistic relationship. When you’re an entrepreneur, the two are inextricably intertwined. And… especially if you work from home… they collide daily. And it can get messy.

As a consultant, I offer solutions and strategy for online business and overwhelm.

In a very simplified nutshell, coaching is a co-creation process where I support you and bring out the answers you already hold within you. Consulting is more of an advisory role in which I tell you what you need to do; or, more often, give you options and help you decide which will work best for you. But to be honest, my style of working tends to blend the two together to make sure you get EXACTLY what you need, no matter what capacity we’re working in.

Don’t see what you want? Not sure what you need?

If you’ve had a look around at my coaching and consulting pages and you don’t see exactly what you want… or you’re still not quite sure what you need… just schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Session. I’m happy to chat with you about what’s best for your needs and we can see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

The Success Rebelution - Complimentary Discovery Session with Debi Lee The Success Rebel Strategist

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