Success Rebelution with Debi Lee, The Success Rebel Strategist. Empowering multi-passionate success from the inside out.
Your dream job does not exist. You must create it.

(Spoiler alert –> That’s where I come in.)

I work with Success Rebels… helping you create the lifestyle and future you want for yourself and your family using the flexibility of an online business.

Yup. That’s right. You are now free to follow your dreams

You have the internet.

You can build an online business.

Location independence is possible.

There’s nothing stopping you.

The narrow-minded people who say that “you can’t” or “you need to go to college” or “you need to get a real job” are WRONG.

And you certainly don’t need permission. But if you want it, here it is…
I hereby give you permission to “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.” (channeling my inner Henry David Thoreau)

More importantly, I give you the resources and support to actually get it done, to achieve the success you deserve.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Henry David Thoreau - Success

Your Path

Entrepreneurs each follow a path… a path of our own making, a journey of our own creation and one that will quite likely take many twists and turns. I call it “planning your path” instead of “following a road map” because, although you can learn a great deal from other people, what worked for them won’t necessarily work for you. You’ll ultimately carve out and follow your own unique path to get to your (also unique) destination.

Your Unique Path to Success - The Success Rebelution -
My work is about that path… helping you design YOUR unique path… the one that makes YOU happy and works for YOU… and supporting you on your journey along that path to success and beyond.


Entrepreneurship is hard work.

Lifestyle Business is very misunderstood.

And online business in general has not yet become a widely accepted career choice.

That’s one of the reasons I call my peeps Success Rebels… you’re defining & designing success YOUR way.

When we’re doing that, it’s absolutely necessary to have support from people who get what we’re trying to do and actually give a shit. And let me forewarn you that your family and lifelong besties most likely won’t be those people. (No matter how much undying support they’ve given you in the past. Trust me. It was an excruciatingly hard-learned lesson.)

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business, is to find a coach to work with on your journey.

You can move mountains with the right mentor.

Think I might be that person? Let’s find out…

About Me…

I genuinely care about you, your goals and your dreams and I’m fiercely committed to your success.

I want to help you create a lifestyle business that celebrates your talents, values and priorities and is the very essence of what success means to you; one that gives you everything you need and makes you blissfully happy.

I deal with life and business together because, when you’re an entrepreneur, the two are inextricably intertwined. And… especially if you work from home… they collide daily. And it can get messy. Very messy.

I get it. And I’m unfortunately all too familiar with how shitty it feels to be surrounded by people who don’t… and how fast that can destroy your confidence, enthusiasm and progress, keeping you from the success you want so badly.

I have a tendency to speak my mind. And yes I swear sometimes. I’m passionate. I believe in authenticity and I don’t change based on who’s around/listening/watching.

I work best with committed action-takers and implementers who embrace the coaching process.

(Learn more on my About page.)

Let’s Talk About You! 🙂

You’re probably creative in some way because I tend to attract creative types… and I love that about you!

You’re also getting creative about success… a total badass, ready to live life on your terms. You rock!

You have… or want to start… your own online business and are wisely looking for someone to shorten the learning curve for you so you can succeed faster.

You understand that this coaching thing doesn’t work unless you do. The amount of value you get doesn’t come from information alone. You kick ass by taking action and implementing what you’re learning.

You’re self-motivated. (I offer accountability because I believe it’s a helpful tool. Babysitting, however, is totally NOT my thing.)

Who Exactly Do I Work With?

I work with heart-centered, purpose-focused, global-minded, multi-passionate entrepreneurs who want to blend lifestyle business + social entrepreneurship to make a living, a life AND a difference …all at the same time.

Gen X 40+ers who didn’t grow up with computers, but appreciate that the internet has given us a powerful global interconnection and better ways to enjoy life, do business, accumulate wealth and create our version of success

 Multi-Passionate Creatives who feel misunderstood and are struggling because you’re being told you need to choose one thing… and you just can’t

 Unemployed and Unhappily-Employed who realize that you don’t need to search for another job, you need to search within yourself then create the perfect one

 Introverts and HSPs who hate the new open office “group-think” workplaces and desperately want to escape the chaos and work on your own from home

 Invisible Illness Sufferers to whom the internet has given a previously-impossible second chance at success

and other Success Rebels who just don’t want to follow the traditional career path because you know there’s a better way.

Your reasons may be different, but I bet you also need (or want) to get creative to achieve your version of success. More importantly, you want to work with a coach who understands you. Truly understands you.

And when I say that, I’m not just talking about been-there-done-that in business; that’s not hard to find. I’m talking about understanding on a whole nother level… understanding where you’ve been, where you’re coming from, and some of the reasons that running a business is harder for you than it may be for others.


Why Me? How Am I Different? Why Should You Care?

I’m a Dynamo Genius Type and Creator Wealth Dynamics Profile who is full of ideas, sees possibilities, and easily works with vision and the big picture so I’ll help you put together ALL the puzzle pieces to succeed, not just one or two. 

I’ve been through hell and back a few times over, re-invented myself with new opportunities, and learned a whole lot about myself and online business along the way. And I use all of it to help you.

I’m on a mission to change the way the world does business…
because I know how it feels to give blood, sweat, tears and your whole heart to an employer for many years only to get treated like shit and thrown out like trash when your ethics insist you call them on their BS.

I try to make sure others have the support they need to re-build their lives and dreams
because I know how it feels to lose everything to invisible illnesses and have to start over… and not have anyone who truly understands the hell you’re going through every minute of every day.

I’m an intuitive empath and very comfortable dealing with feelings… mine and other people’s. And I don’t judge. You don’t need to hide from me. Those bullet points up there are as much me as they are you.

I’m an INFJ and my intuition is one of my biggest assets. I have a knack for “hearing between the lines” and I can literally change someone’s life or business by using my natural gift of intuition alone. Sometimes with a single question.

My Fascination Advantage ® Archetype is The Advocate, which is Passion + Power, where passion meets trust. This means I’m a champion of people and ideas whose energy makes me an active, resonant voice for groups. My unique ability to connect with and inspire people is complimented by an inherent desire to create opportunity and make things happen.

Last but certainly not least, I’m all about YOU. I don’t believe in one-size fits-all. Cookie-cutter solutions are not good enough for you. One commonality in everything I do… whether it’s my handcrafted jewelry, coaching, consulting, or research… is customization.

Most designers don’t like the hassle of custom jewelry orders. 99% of my work is custom designs.

Many coaches are moving away from 1-on-1 coaching to leverage their time with groups.
I feel personalized help is important (not just answering your specific questions on group calls) so I always offer 1-on-1 opportunities, even within my group programs.

I prefer to offer custom, personalized, unique solutions. I enjoy getting to know my customers and clients, and being able to do truly special work with, or for, them.

For me, it’s ALL about YOU….
Bullet Gray Heart Who you are
Bullet Gray Heart What matters to you
Bullet Gray Heart What’s meaningful to you
Bullet Gray Heart What’s unique to you
Bullet Gray Heart What success looks like to you

My coaching is about YOUR version of success… the destination (what success looks like) AND the path to get there will be unique to you.

I come from medicine, a place where you assess the patient, diagnose the problem and THEN come up with a solution for that particular patient. It’s not all cut and dry. It’s never black and white. Not everyone will need or respond to the same treatment.

The same is true with coaching.

Yes, there are protocols (in medicine) and yes, I have systems (in my coaching). But they’re guidelines and strategies that still need to be customized for the individual they’re being used to help.

Any coach can follow a to do list, step-by-step process or system. What’s important is having someone who can think outside the box, because you need someone who can customize to your needs.

One of my coaching clients told me that I “don’t even acknowledge there is a box.”

And I don’t.

That became second nature for me in my medical career. My ability to think outside the box is why I excelled in severe trauma situations in the ER… situations where “by-the-book” just wasn’t gonna cut it. And to say my work in Interventional Radiology was customized is a whopping understatement… every patient was different and each procedure had to be customized for that specific patient. It required the most creative thinking of any radiology specialty, and I thrived there. One of the interventional radiologists I worked with used to tell me that if I had the correct letters after my name I could replace him… RT(R)(CV)(CT) wasn’t enough; I needed the MD.

I’ve brought that same thinking to my coaching. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel. I like to do things my way.

Most coaches think you can’t combine group coaching and one-on-one coaching in the same program. I say bullshit.

So I figured out how. I invested in an excellent coaching portal, and set my systems up so that, even when you’re in a group program, you have a private coaching area that creates a safe environment for you to explore possibilities and work out problems with me, separate from the group, and more secure than email. I think this plays an integral part in how much you can achieve when working with a coach. (Pssst… if you’re an introvert, you’re going to think you’ve gone to coaching heaven!!)

I’m not an absentee coach. You won’t sign up just to find out you’re working with my team and never see me. I’m hands-on and accessible to you. I roll up my sleeves and get right in there with you… because I focus on implementation. I’m not looking to just give you the information you need to succeed. I want to bring about a transformation by getting you to take action on it!

Some Ways I Can Help You

As a Success Rebel Strategist, and creator of the Lifestyle Business S.U.C.C.E.S.S. System™, I can help you regain confidence and control over your life and future using the flexibility of a lifestyle business by giving you ALL the pieces of the puzzle that you need to succeed.

As a Possibility Alchemist, I can help you find the business hiding in your life experience.

As an Interpretive Design Expert, I can help you blend your passions, talents, KSAs and experience into a lifestyle business and income streams that work for you. (KSA = knowledge, skills and abilities)

As someone passionate about online business and obsessed with online tools and tech, I can help you calm the overwhelm and sort out what you need for your business (now and as it grows) so you can blissfully spend more time in your zone of genius where things easily flow for you.

As a Change Catalyst and creator of the Mindset & Masterminds program who loves to assist clients through transformations, I can help you form a solid foundation on which to build your business and future.

As a Creative Visionary and the author of Creating Your Brand, I can help you unleash your awesomeness on the world in an authentic way.

As a Perspectivist I can help you see your problems from an entirely new perspective… and get clarity if you’re overwhelmed or stuck.

As “The Finder” and a Solutions Specialist, I can help you solve those problems.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I want to see you succeed… and break out the champagne and celebrate every success you have along the way! Cheers!

If you want to take advantage of all the ways I can help you reach your goals, join my Success </Catalyst> Lab™ where I pour all my energy into helping you in every way I possibly can. (Coming soon!)


Some of My Methods…

In order to build a business (and a life), you need a plan.

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DREAMFIRE Master Plan™ - The Success Rebelution

DREAMFIRE Master Planning™

I don’t have a “proper” business plan. I’ve used a strategic master planning method as my business plan of choice for many years . As a result I’ve been calmer and think more strategically about my business. So I turned my methods into a system to help you master plan the action guide to your dreams.

Achieving success is a result of learning, planning, setting specific goals and having the determination and burning desire to complete the action steps necessary to achieve them. The DREAMFIRE Master Planning™ process gets you to look at your lifetime dreams… the ones you have for your business and for yourself… and put together a plan turning them into goals with action steps to help you achieve them, essentially reverse-engineering your success.

The power of your DREAMFIRE Master Plan™  comes from implementing it and using it as a business management tool to guide you on your journey.

Once you have a plan, you need to start making the money to build your dreams.

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Multi-Faceted Monetization Models™

I have a sixth sense for seeing hidden potential (read: income streams) and talent for putting together Multi-Faceted Monetization Models™. That’s the term I created for a business model that includes multiple income streams. In order to succeed in business doing what you love, you need a business model that works. That requires diversifying your income and having multiple income streams for your business. (Many experts recommend you have at least seven.)

I have a multi-passionate life and business… and a Multi-Faceted Monetization Plan™ to match! Your Multi-Faceted Monetization Plan™ is your plan for how you’re going to bring money into your business. We look at the 4 types of income you can use to create the business and income you desire and all the ways you can monetize your particular business. Implementing your plan can mean the difference between success and failure; between you running your business and your business running you; between living life by default and living life by design.

Multi-Faceted Monetization Model™ - The Success Rebelution

Marketing is how you attract your peeps and bring that money into your business.

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Relationship Marketing Hourglass™ - The Success Rebelution

The Relationship Marketing Hourglass™

As you know, I had no business education when I started my company so marketing was one of many critical skills I had to learn. As I did that, I learned about sales funnels, but I felt that the concept was incomplete.

So I took everything I knew about promotion, sales, marketing, and the psychology and statistics behind it all and put together my own process. It comes from taking more of a big-picture, long-term perspective. I call it The Relationship Marketing Hourglass™ and it’s wonderful for people (like me) who have something to sell, but HATE selling.

If you’ve had enough of trying to put all the pieces of the success puzzle together by yourself (or painstakingly sorting through the zillions of available resources around the web), you could opt for an all-inclusive system.

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Success Catalyst Lab - The Success Rebel's MBA for Lifestyle Business

My Success </Catalyst> Lab™ is a year-long, hybrid coaching experience in which I’m purposefully combining the most effective methods available to produce a framework that offers you the best chance for success, guiding you on your own customized path. It’s part program, part membership and all lab… and I’m pouring everything I’ve got into it.

The program part, which I refer to as The Success Rebel MBA™, is where you’ll start. You’ll work your way through my Lifestyle Business S.U.C.C.E.S.S. System™… an all-inclusive system that starts at the Point A of Self-Discovery and goes all the way to the Point Z of Replicating Success, giving you ALL the pieces of the puzzle that you need to truly succeed.

Some Deal-Breakers You MUST Understand Though…

 My #1 Rule –> You MUST have your own website. It’s ok if you don’t have one yet and you want my help with that. But if you think having an Etsy shop or selling on facebook is enough, then I’m not the right coach for you. It’s crucial that you have control over your business.

I’m not a coach for MLMs. Although an MLM can be a great additional income stream (one I’ve successfully used in the past), it’s a JOB, NOT a business and because you have no control, you have no security and are not building an asset on a solid foundation.

 I have zero patience with closed-minded people and Negative Nellies. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right.” And I won’t try to “convince” you of the value of coaching. Honestly, if you don’t believe coaching works, it won’t work for you. You’re on your own. Sorry. Good luck.

 I’m not real good with whiners either. Venting frustration is necessary for our sanity… we all do it. Acknowledging a problem is the first step toward solving it. And talking it through can lead to potential solutions. But chronic complaining gets you nowhere. If you’re not actively trying to fix the problem, don’t complain to me about it.

 Since my one-to-one time is limited, I have a strict “red velvet rope policy.” My 1-on-1 coaching time is reserved for those most committed to the process. I prefer to spend my time and energy on self-motivated and determined action-takers, because implementation is critical to achieving massive results.

 Last but not least, it makes me bat shit crazy when I spend valuable time working with a client and getting results, just to have them turn around and go right back to doing exactly what we agreed wasn’t working before. Yes, it does happen. And yes, I will fire you.




Here’s What I Know

An Online Lifestyle Business will put YOU in control and give you FLEXIBILITY.

You CAN do this. I had ZERO business education when I started. If I can do it, you can do it.

You won’t follow the same path I did. You won’t do things the same way I do. But you CAN do this. And I’m here to help you.

So… whatd’ya think?

You’ve found yourself here because you’re searching for something. And you’re still reading. That tells me there’s something inside you longing to come out.

There’s a spark inside you… a dream that’s important to you. You’ve been keeping it under wraps, deep within you.

Maybe because you’re too embarrassed to say it out loud.
Because you don’t think you can reach it.
Or you’re afraid other people will think you can’t.
Maybe it’s so ambitious you’re not sure it’s really possible.

Yeah. THAT dream.

You should explore it.

Because you CAN achieve it. I believe in you.

The only thing standing between you and your goal... is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it. - Jordan Belfort -

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. Entrepreneurship is hard work. You will need help and support. But you can do this. And I’ve got your back.

Ready? Good. Schedule a free Discovery Session and let’s chat!

The Success Rebelution - Complimentary Discovery Session with Debi Lee The Success Rebel Strategist

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