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I want you to be excited about your future possibilities... and wake up that way every day! Success Rebelution

Hi! I’m Debi.

I’m a Lifestyle Business Design Coach and Strategist for Multi-Passionate Success Rebels, but what I really do is help you confidently take back control of your life and business; create a new reality for yourself and your family; and reach your income, independence and impact goals.

My wish and vision for the world is peace, possibilities and prosperity… to have a peaceful world where everyone can take advantage of the infinite possibilities that exist and prosper doing work that truly fulfills them and be paid what they deserve for it.

We change the world one person at a time.

I want to start with YOU.

My WHY - I want to be a catalyst for change and make a global impact. I want to inspire you to challenge business-as-usual, KO the status quo, live life by design, create your future and achieve your version of success by embracing the possibilities that online business has to offer you... and I want to be there to support your dreams and vision along the way. Debi Lee - Success Rebelution -

How Do I Do That?

I do it in two basic ways… coaching and consulting.

As a lifestyle business design and success coach, I help you create a lifestyle business that celebrates your talents, values, passions, and purpose and is the very essence of what success means to you.

As a consultant, I offer solutions and strategy for online business and overwhelm.

I believe...

I believe there’s a Success Rebel inside each and every one of us that believes we can make a living, a life AND a difference… all at the same time.

I believe we each have the power within us to change our own lives, and those of others, for the better… right now.

I believe a new economy is coming into view on the horizon and that Success Rebel entrepreneurs will lead the world’s economic recovery… one small business at a time.

I believe in business as a force for good. (Hat tip to Sir Richard Branson.)

I believe creative, socially conscious entrepreneurs like you and I… NOT governments… will fix the world’s most pressing problems.

I believe we all deserve to earn an honest living and fair wages.

I believe we all deserve to have the time and means to enjoy a fulfilling life.

I believe lifestyle business gives you the flexibility to take back control of your life and create your version of success.

I believe we can transform the way the world does business, back to the days when people, loyalty and integrity mattered, and it wasn’t all about the bottom line.

I own a corporation, but I want to break the old corporate mold. I want to prove to the world that you can run a wildly successful company and still put your employees and customers first. And that, by putting them first, you can actually have a stronger, more sustainable company in the long run. Then use the profits from that company to do great things… for yourself and others.

I think it’s gonna take a woman to do it.

Not a woman who’s trying to keep up with all the corporate males in their expensive suits; or all the egotistical, bullshit-spouting online marketers who want you to believe you can buy a magic formula to make millions without doing real work.

But a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself, bust her ass, buck the status quo and do things her way… even if that means flip-flops are office attire and every day is take your dog to work day. I’m that kind of woman. And THAT is my mission.

I believe that with a system to shorten the learning curve, the necessary resources, and a supportive community of go-getters, we can create change faster. So I’m creating that for you with my Success Rebel MBA™ program, Success </Catalyst> Lab™, and free Success Rebelution Community.

A Little Bit About Me

Since you took the time to find this page, you’d probably like to learn a bit about me (thanks!) so here goes. Let’s have some fun!

My favorite job and biggest blessing is being an Eskie Mom. I think Niko is love covered in fur and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He captured my heart at 5 weeks old and has filled the last 17+ years of my life with more joy than I ever thought possible.

I’m a die-hard New England Patriots fan and, though I usually watch on TV not in the stadium, I never miss a game. Ever.

Hawaii is the place my heart calls home. From the very first time I visited back in 1987, I’ve had a deep heartfelt connection with the Islands. I’m drawn to them in a very profound way and plan to relocate there. (This is me at Iao Valley, Maui in 1987.)

Hibiscus make me happy. They’re my favorite flower and Niko & Kai (with help from their grandparents) get me one for my birthday every year to put on the deck and enjoy. All the hibiscus images in my branding are pictures of those presents from my boys.

I’m a coffee addict. I have about a dozen flavors of coffee in the cupboard at any given time. I firmly believe that with enough coffee anything is possible and I don’t start working until my coffee does!

My other addiction… flip-flops! I have them in just about every shade of every color. Pretty soon they’re gonna need a closet of their own!

I find the sound of ocean waves mesmerizing and incredibly calming. I can listen to it for hours and I often listen to audios of ocean waves while working, especially when I’m writing.

I relish the thought of someday spending a month living in an over-water bungalow and using my time there to write a book.

Cage diving with great white sharks is on my bucket list, though I’m probably too claustrophobic to ever scuba dive and might freak out if I saw one in the water with me. Ok so this may never get crossed off my list. Well, at least there’s Shark Week every summer… and I do love me some Shark Week!

In the process of building my online business, I’ve made friends with people all around the world. I dare say that’s actually my favorite part of it. I treasure the opportunity it gives me to meet amazing people I wouldn’t otherwise have met and easily keep in touch with them.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a thing for quotes. I’ve collected them for as long as I can remember. I have them all around the house. I have boards of them on Pinterest. I use them for motivation, to make me laugh, to make me think, to be inspired. And one of my favorite creative pastimes is making quote graphics… a little gift of inspiration from me to you.

My Myers-Briggs ® Personality Type is INFJ.
My Brand Personality Archetype is Alchemist.
My Fascination Advantage ® Archetype is Advocate.
My Genius Type is Dynamo.
And my Wealth Dynamics Profile Type is Creator.

I’ve always hated the question ‘What do you do?’ because I’ve always been multi-passionate and crammed a lot into my careers (all at the same time)… both during my medical career and now with my own businesses… so my answer is way longer of a list than the inquirer really wants to listen to.

I’ve been teaching, coaching and mentoring for over 35 years! These cuties were my first class of students back in 1984.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I’m passionate about all things online business. I could talk about it for hours.

*My Superpower*
I’m highly intuitive and perceive even the most subtle things. I readily notice possibilities, probabilities and patterns, and can connect dots that others don’t even see.

I’m an Interpretive Design Expert making the intangible tangible…
• emotions and memories transformed into deeply meaningful, handcrafted jewelry
• passions, skills and experience blended into lifestyle businesses and income streams
• concepts expressed visually in graphics

One of my gifts is that I’m a creative problem-solver who thinks outside the box doesn’t even acknowledge that there is a box.
(Thanks to one of my awesome clients for that one!)

Just call me “The Finder
because I’ve got mad research skills and I’m a whiz at finding things online.

Hearing someone say “It can’t be done” gets my attention. It’s like being issued a challenge… and I’ll usually prove you wrong. Because that’s what I do. I figure out how to get shit done. I love to create opportunities and make things happen. Especially when I can create a win-win situation!

I believe the world is filled with infinite possibilities and opportunities for each of us and that online lifestyle business can unlock them for those willing to embrace it.

I’m a planner and a big-picture person. I also crave the satisfaction of crossing items off a To Do List.

I’m obsessive about color-coding things. It’s a trick I use to be at-a-glance organized. Tools of the trade: Sharpies, Le Pens, highlighters and Post-Its in a full spectrum of colors. (Also a great excuse to buy office supplies. Shhh!)

My late grandfather and great-uncle, Ernest & Normand Phaneuf, brothers and Army veterans, used to share their “war stories” with me. I love & miss them very much. They inspired me into a lifetime of serving those who serve. To honor them, continue my work, and fulfill my ultimate life goal of being a philanthropist, I’m starting The Phaneuf Foundation, a charitable foundation that will support soldiers, veterans and military families.

And You Might Be Surprised to Know…

This is only the 4th job I’ve ever had (unless you count my pre-16 babysitting). I worked at a dry cleaning plant in high school and college, and for 2 hospitals during my medical career (with all but 4 months being at the second one). And now I have my own business.

I didn’t grow up with computers and actually resisted them at first! Harold, one of my colleagues at the hospital, was determined to convert me so he went ahead and set me up a Yahoo email account. Imagine that! Who would’ve guessed, huh?

I may be hooked on computers now, but I’m still a pen and paper girl at heart. And I can still indulge myself thanks to my ScanSnap, Drobo and Evernote.

I’m an infinitely curious lifetime learner, but I prefer actual paper books that I can hold, highlight, refer back to and add to my quick-growing library.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorites.

My Official Snack-Sized Bio…

Debi Lee is The Success Rebel Strategist and Founder of The Success Rebelution. She’s a Creative Visionary, Possibility Alchemist and Interpretive Design Expert helping heart-centered, purpose-driven, multi-passionate entrepreneurs blend lifestyle business + social entrepreneurship to make a living, a life AND a difference …all at the same time.

Debi’s 35+ years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience allows her to offer solutions, strategy and support for clients to achieve their version of success. She’s an empowering advocate of lifestyle entrepreneurs stepping up to “Be the Change” with new ways of doing business that will rock personal and global economies, and fix the world’s most pressing problems.

My Business in a Nutshell…

I’m the Founder & CEO of Makana Mai Akua, Inc. The name of my company is Hawaiian and, literally translated, means ‘Gift from God.’ I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and indulge my many passions as separate divisions of my company. I have a talent for jewelry design; an extraordinary knack for internet research; over 35 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring experience, and an intense heartfelt connection to the Islands of Hawaii.

How About You?

Here’s the thing. I want to learn about YOU, too. The Success Rebelution is about YOU! So drop me a line and tell me about yourself. Tell me what you do, or want to do, and what you’re struggling with.

Here, I’ll make it easy for you… we’ll do this Mad Libs style. Copy & paste this right into an email and just fill in the blanks…

Hey Debi! I just read your ‘About’ page so I’m writing to tell you about me. My name is ________________. I’m from ________________ . I’m doing ________________ but I really would like to ________________ . I found your site because I was looking for ________________ . I’m struggling with ________________ so I was hoping to find ________________ .

Feel free to share more if you want… and watch your inbox because I DO write back 😉

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If you somehow don’t feel I’ve shared enough about me to get you to introduce yourself, then keep reading.

But Maybe You’re the Curious Type?

Confession… I always read ‘About’ pages. And the longer they are the better. I like learning about people. So, in case you’re just as curious (I knew you were a keeper!), here’s the whole scoop. Fair warning: you might want to grab a cuppa coffee and get comfy.

Why Am I Here and How Did The Success Rebelution Happen?

I’m retired from the medical field and in my second official career. But it didn’t happen by choice. While on a medical leave of absence from my job (as a Radiologic Technologist specialized in Interventional Radiology and CT), I began working with beads and wire as self-imposed occupational therapy… an attempt to regain my fine motor skills and return to caring for my Veterans at the job I loved so much. Unfortunately, that was not to be. I lost my career and was absolutely devastated. I needed to recover, grieve and find a new path… something I never ever expected to have to do. And, not only did I need to start over, I needed to work for myself! Best way to describe that discovery… shock… and sheer terror.

My entire education and background was in medicine. I had no business education at all. Zero. None. The thought of starting my own business never even crossed my mind until it became a necessity… and I had no clue where to begin. But, all that occupational therapy I was doing had produced a whole lot of jewelry! My Mom was wearing it to work and her co-workers and patients loved my designs and were inquiring about them. People were showing an interest in my jewelry and I needed a business, so Designs by Debi was born. Thank God for somehow leading me to discover a talent I otherwise never would’ve found and giving me something I desperately needed at that point in my life… hope.

I decided to test the viability of a handcrafted jewelry business by throwing a home party. After making just under $2,000 in less than 3 hours, I figured it was worth a shot.

I had a lot to learn though. Luckily I’m good at figuring out how things are made and done. (I get that from my Dad.) And, thanks to my parents, I also had an excellent education. So, even though I had no idea what I was doing, I knew I could figure it out. And I did. I’ve essentially gotten myself a customized MBA. All things considered… not bad.

In the process, I found out I was good at internet research… unbelievably crazy good. I’ve learned everything I know about business, accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, branding, jewelry design, digital photography and editing, graphic design, web design, social media and SO many other things I do by researching, reading, then learning by trial and error. And I learn more every day.

I started my business and formed my corporation, Makana Mai Akua, Inc. It’s the parent company for all my business endeavors. Designs by Debi is my handcrafted jewelry business. Because I’m so good at research, I used to offer my services as a freelance Internet Research Specialist. In my spare time, I’ve been working on a website about Hawaii. But spare time is hard to come by, so it’s been many years in the making. And there are 4 more company divisions and a charitable foundation in the works.

Even though I’ve had a 7-division corporation planned from the beginning, coaching & consulting wasn’t part of that plan. So how did it happen? Because people started coming to me for business help, I happily obliged, and more people came… and more… and more. And I enjoy it. A lot.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I’ve been teaching, coaching and mentoring in one form or another for over 35 years… from teaching CCD to gradeschool kids… to coaching Special Olympians with intellectual and developmental disabilities… to teaching Intraoperative Interventional Radiology to technologists and other medical staff. It happens without me even having to think about it at this point!

I often put aside my own enormous To Do list to help someone with a business question or problem. I just didn’t realize how often I was doing it! I knew I wasn’t going to stop, but I had to stop doing it for free. I made the decision to start a coaching business in the fall of 2011 after suffering a couple of shattering losses which led me to do some honest, deep down, soul searching about what I want, where I’m going, what I do and, most importantly, WHY I do the things I do.

I’ve always known I could thank being a Gemini for not wanting to do the same thing day after day, but there was something very important about me that I didn’t realize… or rather hadn’t fully explored.

My Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is INFJ. I’ve known that for many years, but, until prompted by one of my coaches, never bothered to learn what that meant. I was blown away by what I discovered. And as enlightening as it was for me to finally understand this, it’s even more valuable for YOU to understand, so I wrote a blog post about it.

I realized that helping people is the driving passion behind everything I do… that’s when I’m happiest. It’s probably why I ended up in the medical field. It’s also most likely the reason why 99% of my handcrafted jewelry business is custom designs and memorial jewelry. Through my jewelry, I help people celebrate, express themselves, champion causes, grieve and remember. I love creating jewelry that holds deep meaning for people.

Quite a lot of networking and coaching allowed me to see that there are many who could benefit from help with their online businesses; that the research that comes so easily to me, does not come easily to others; and that many people are being given a whole lot of misinformation. I was already helping people with their businesses using what I learned and used to build my own businesses. I have a wealth of information and knowledge (I’m a voracious learner). No reason to keep it all to myself!

It took me a while to realize this was the coach in me coming out… again. I finally saw the common thread running through most of my life… teaching, training, coaching, mentoring, whatever you choose to call it, I’ve been doing it now, in one form or another, for over 35 years!
• I started teaching CCD to gradeschool kids when I was in junior high.

• I’m a quick learner and quite responsible. So, even in my first job at a dry cleaner at 16 years old, I was training people. I trained new hires and I trained new managers to run our drop stores.

• After college, I started coaching for Special Olympics… soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and track & field… 2-3 nights a week for many years.

• Within a year of graduating from college and passing my Diagnostic Radiology boards, I was promoted to Clinical Instructor and responsible for the Clinical Education of the CCRI Radiology Students at the hospital, a job that I held for well over 10 years. In addition to their hands-on clinical education, I also gave my own classes at the hospital and I tutored them in college courses they were struggling with. I held Radiation Physics classes at my house every Spring and extra-help sessions for groups of students every semester to help them prepare for their exams. I was able to distill information and teach it in ways that helped them understand it.

• I was asked to sit on the hospital’s Patient Education Committee and to take over Patient & Staff Education for Diagnostic Imaging Service.

• Over time, I passed advanced board certifications in both Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (which includes Angiography, Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Catheterization) and Computed Tomography (CT or “CAT Scan”) and was put in charge of the Interventional Radiology and CT departments. This also included training students, technologists, nurses and resident physicians in these areas.

So I trained and mentored students and staff throughout my entire medical career.

The mentoring bug bit me again when people started asking me for help with their online businesses. Honestly, I’m eternally grateful because doing it again made me realize how much I missed it… and how much a part of me it is. Coaching is deeply personally fulfilling for me.

My coaching business started as Awaken Dreams (originally aWAEHQn dreams, actually) and I worked with Women Artisan Entrepreneurs. Businesses evolve. I’m still following my bliss by coaching and mentoring, but I no longer define my “niche” by what my clients do… artisan, graphic designer, author, etc… but by their values, beliefs, and what they want out of their life and business.

I’m very excited to have you here with me. I hope to walk along side you, get to know you, help you on your journey, celebrate your successes and watch you achieve your dreams!

Much Success,

Debi xoxo

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